Cute and Sweet Boutique is a home bakery with trendy boutique style. We offer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, homemade candy, and sweets. Our customers enjoy the boutique experience just as much as their dessert! We work with your thoughts and ideas to create every cake to be as unique as the person receiving it. After all, no two people are the same, so why should cakes be any different?

My husband David and I reside in Durham, NC with our two kids Cassidy, 9, and Carsen, age 4. David is all about sports and numbers so he uses his mathematical talents for our business. He can cut a recipe in half, thirds or quarters. He estimates cost and projects sales. I call him my numbers guy! He's the head baker and has a talent for playing with flavor profiles and recipes. I have always been very artistic and creative so I use my talent for cake art. I believe you eat with your eyes first. I have an eye for detail and am a bit of a perfectionist. Cassidy and Carsen are our taste-testers and they "eat the broken pieces." Our style is a little country chic with a modern-contemporary edge. When it comes to cake, we enjoy strong flavors and a light, fluffy, moist cake. Because that's our preference, those are recipes we favor and serve.

Cute and Sweet Boutique